A murderous legacy


    Stück: A murderous legacy

    Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard needs your help this evening to unravel the mystery of the curious murder of an eccentric Scottish Laird. You are invited to fully reconstruct the crime and, by means of logical deduction, to identify the murderer.

    With the active support of the audience, the murder will be re-enacted, and moreover, some of the guests will play the roles of the suspects. Transformed by period accessories, they issue the suspects’ statements. Great fun and gripping entertainment guaranteed!

    When the crime is solved, those detectives who found the right solution will be presented with a small award by Inspector Lestrade.
    With regard to costume and props, this Criminal Dinner evokes 1920’s Britain to a high quality standard. This overall atmosphere is further enhanced by an array of elaborate evidence and investigation files.





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